Last year, An amazing group of 26 people, came together as Team Broadley, to raise money for Harefield. It was our chance to give something back, for the support they were giving myself and my husband as he faced going on the list for a double lung transplant!

This year, we are back and more determined to raise valuable funds for Harefield Hospitals Transplant Appeal.

We have been so incredibly lucky on this journey. We waited a mere 3 months on the list, one false call, and a second that led to a successful Double Lung Transplant for Philip.

We are so grateful to everyone that helped us through this time, family, friends, the team at Harefield, Philip’s surgeon and team, and a very special thank you to the brave family of the donor, who gave so much in such difficult circumstances... to you we will always be grateful! 💜

The journey through the transplant process tests you in every single way. It’s a real rollercoaster that makes you cry, feel angry, and when that call comes - scared beyond belief yet hopeful for the best outcome. It can be complete devastation for some or those that are successful - so unbelievably grateful. I believe both outcomes lead to a true appreciation for life because it really is so precious!

The work that goes into the surgery is nothing short of Amazing. So, If we can ask one thing - it’s that you consider supporting the transplant appeal, which is working towards getting more Organ Care Systems. These special machines help to keep donated heart and lungs viable for up to 4 times longer than using traditional methods. This means donated organs can come from hospitals further away, arrive in better condition and give medical staff longer to prepare for and perform life-saving surgery.

Whatever you can give, it is truly appreciated.

Thank you for supporting something so very very special! 💜💜💜💜

Michelle Broadley