In 2021 we received a donation of £75,000 from a very appreciative supporter whose best friend, Barney Cordell, received a life-saving double lung transplant at Harefield Hospital. They wanted to thank Harefield with some brand-new equipment.

The ultrasound is an essential piece of equipment within the transplant department. It is used every day for diagnostic purposes for all outpatients, in patients and private patients, in both elective and emergency appointments. It is even used in some sterile interventional procedures.

The current ultrasound machine was almost nine years old and outdated. Part of the machine was damaged, and it had regular performance issues causing ongoing operational delays, which sadly contributed to a poor patient experience.

The imaging department had researched the market and knew that there are far more advanced machines now in operation, with much improved software and applications. They are also more ergonomic than the current machine.

Receiving a new ultrasound has not only delighted those who rely on it within the hospital, it has also streamlined their service to the patient. It has given the team the reassurance of reliability and allowed them to grow in confidence to pursue techniques and research, which otherwise would be difficult with their current set up. 

The new ultrasound has better and more precise imaging quality. The equipment is more mobile and it is a complete joy to use now.

Kathryn Griffiths, Assistant Imaging Manager at Harefield said,

We were touched to learn that our care inspired such a generous gift for the department. We want to extend our utmost thanks to the donor for buying this ultrasound equipment. It is making our work across the hospital more efficient and is giving our patients a much better experience

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