A cystic fibrosis (CF) self-monitoring app created with funding from our Back in the Driving Seat appeal is nominated for a HealthTech Innovation of the Year award.

In 2018, we launched our appeal to help people with CF take control of their care and their lives. Together, specialists at Royal Brompton Hospital, health tech company Nuvoair and patients with CF worked to create NuvoAir Home.

NuvoAir Home is an app which allows people with CF to have virtual consultations and monitor their health wherever they are, giving them greater freedom over their care and lives.

Giving patients the ability to measure their own lung health has reduced the need to bring patients to hospital so often. It means they have a better idea how stable they are and if new treatments are working. We can then have conversations about their data over the phone or the internet instead of bringing them to clinic, making better use of our time and theirs.” Dr Susan Madge, CF Nurse Consultant at Royal Brompton.

As the country locked down and CF patients shielded at home, this self-monitoring system was rolled out to more of our patients ensuring they could get the best care possible during the pandemic. Aria can track and store lung function, mood and symptoms, count steps, display air quality; data which CF patients can share with their team. This ensures that if their condition worsens, they can access the right care at the right time. Around 70% of patients are now self-monitoring.

NuvoAir Home has proven popular with its users, with 100% of patients reporting they would be highly likely to opt for a virtual consultation again. Patients have also saved an average of £30 in travel costs for check-ups, have two to four hours of their time back and no longer need to take time off work or arrange childcare so they can make the trip in.

Big thanks to @InnovationsCf, @RBandH and @LucyFunnell3 for putting virtual clinics in place for CF patients shielding at home. Very happy with my one today, would love to see this continue into the future - so much easier and less tiring (and less risky) than doing in person.

NuvoAir Home has already made an immense difference to our patients and could not have come at a better time. The close monitoring has proved reassuring for patients, with one patient saying, “it’s been a dream come true”.

Royal Brompton’s CF department are finalists in the Digital Leaders 100 Health Tech Awards, for delivering health services to a higher standard with the help of innovative technology. You can support our team by casting your vote here by 28 August 2020.