Our Harefield Transplant Appeal has raised over £550,000, exceeding our target of £500,000.

The generosity of our fundraisers and donors like you over the past year means that we can make a real difference to patients waiting for life-changing transplants at Harefield Hospital by purchasing Organ Care Systems.

The Organ Care System (OCS), a pioneering piece of technology, keeps donor organs functioning outside of the human body, meaning donated organs are viable for up to four times longer than the traditional on-ice method – they can come from further away, arrive in better condition and give medical staff longer to prepare for surgery.

Harefield has been using the OCS since 2013 and in the last year, our hospital has performed over 36 heart transplants and 49 lung transplants.

A special thank you to Kusuma Trust UK who have match-funded £100,000 towards the appeal. Dr Soma Pujari, Co-Founder and Executive Trustee said:

“We believe that the organ care system is a vitally important device to maximise the chances for these patients who have few alternative options. When we came across the organ care system appeal from the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity we wasted no time in approaching them”.

This news is a huge testament to the hard work and dedication that our supporters have put in to raise funds for the appeal – whether you joined us at the Harefield Fun Run & Family Day, held your own bake sale or kindly donated online or at one of the Charity Hubs, thank you!

The OCS is still not funded by the NHS so, we will continue to fundraise for this incredibly important piece of technology with a new target of £100,000 for the 2019/20 period.

If you would like to read more or donate to this appeal follow the link here.