We want to thank the huge number of people who donated in December. Your amazing generosity is making a huge difference

Thank you to everyone who donated to Doubling December. Through your wonderful generosity we raised an incredible £47,591 which will now be doubled up to £95,182.

A huge number of people donated to this Christmas appeal, which was incredible. Everyone at the Charity is so pleased with how you all came together to raise funds for Doubling December. We want to thank every single one of you. Everyone did their part. Together you baked, painted faces, bought Christmas gifts and even took a vow of silence to help patients.

Everything raised will go towards the Patients’ Fund, which makes small projects that have a big impact possible. Visiting hospital can be a daunting experience, so the Patients’ Fund is here for the little things that make it easier.

This can be TVs for apheresis patients, a programme to help inpatients have a peaceful night’s sleep or small treats for transplant patients having a long stay in hospital. These projects aren’t funded by the NHS, but they make an essential difference to patients at the hospitals.

Thank you to everyone who gave to Doubling December. We know that budgets are tight right now and we really appreciate all the gifts that you gave. They will make a huge difference for heart and lung patients.