Friday’s Great Brompton Bake Off saw hospital and Charity staff pull out all the stops, with some of the most imaginative cakes we’ve ever seen!

The baking bonanza raised more than £600 in just an hour and a half, which will go towards expanding Royal Brompton’s Genetics Testing Service.

Eight cakes were put in front of judge Seb from Paul Bakery, who kindly gave up his lunch time to lend his expert taste buds. While there were several that could have won the title, including a rich cherry and dark chocolate cake, and a ‘cat’ cake in the shape of a sleeping feline, Matthew Edwards’ heart cake was crowned the winning creation. Once cut, the cake’s icing heart, complete with an aorta and vena cava, oozed strawberry jam. Seb said:

With all that icing, it could have been a bit sweet, but it was just right and the presentation was perfect. 

Thank you to all who made and donated cakes for the Charity to sell, and to everyone who came along to treat themselves to a homemade bake.

We’re looking forward to next year’s!