Louise Moss, senior research perfusionist has been awarded one of the first-ever research fellowships funded by our Charity

Louise will receive funding of up to £50,000 to conduct research aimed at improving the Trust’s services. 

Our Chief Executive, Gill Raikes, said, “Louise submitted an outstanding proposal and I’m excited to see the progress of her study.

“The competition proved popular and I hope we can continue to offer these fellowships in years to come.”  

Louise will lead a research project into the effectiveness of a blood purification filter during the surgical implantation of artificial heart pumps known as left-ventricular-assist-devices (LVAD). Many patients requiring heart surgery have an LVAD implanted into the main pumping chamber of the heart, to help pump blood around the body while they wait for a new heart to become available for transplantation.     

After LVAD surgery some patients are faced with life-threatening complications such as kidney or liver failure, caused by an inflammatory reaction that reduces blood flow to these organs. 

A blood purification filter would filter the harmful proteins that cause this reaction from the blood during surgery. Louise’s study will measure the effectiveness and safety of this process. 

Louise said, “I’m honoured to be awarded the fellowship.

“I really believe this research could make a huge difference for patients requiring LVAD surgery and I’m thrilled to receive funding to take it forward.”

Read the full story on the Trust's website here

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