Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity launched the ‘Heart of PICU Appeal’ last year, and works to fully refurbish the main reception area are now complete.

Fundraisers and donors will be pleased to hear that their hard-earned donations have resulted in an innovative and beautifully designed new reception area, or ‘hub’, on Royal Brompton’s paediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

We raised a total of £65,000, after stepping in to renovate the formerly “unwelcoming” and “difficult to navigate” yet crucial element within the unit, which helps around 500 critically ill children every year.

Parents of children cared for on PICU had previously commented on the state of the hub, which comprised a very high desk, leaving staff sitting behind it barely within view. The area also lacked the space needed for private, delicate discussions between medical staff.

Time spent on PICU can be very stressful for parents, and the area previously left them confused and unsure about who to approach, or where to go.

The new PICU hub allows a much more open and accessible space for parents, giving them a more welcoming area upon arrival, and the space staff need to continue providing the excellent level of care and compassion they have always given.

A new medicine delivery system has also been implemented into the design of the reception area. In hurried medical situations in the past, staff had to rifle through bulky, busy drawers – but with the new system, they simply need to activate the system with a fingerprint, type in the name of the medication, and a light will show them where it is.

Lizzie Biggart, paediatric service manager said:  “I am so very delighted that we have achieved a space in which people can feel confident the environment matches the expertise of the staff – it achieves a large amount of work in a small space. It’s beautiful and impressive and has been a great morale boost!”