This September, Team heart and Team Lungs limbered up to take on our biggest virtual challenge yet: to cover 23,000 miles and make it around the globe.

The starting pistol was fired on September 4 with many participants starting their challenge in person at the Harefield Fun Run.

Over 140 people from around the country took part in this event, their route mapped from Harefield Hospital to Royal Brompton, the long way round. Within 24 hours Team Lungs had the lead, covering almost 200 miles more than Team Heart.

Team Heart did not give up. Lowri Smith encouraged more people to walk with her. She said: ‘The challenge is keeping me accountable and motivating me to exercise more. It’s also helping me to improve my overall fitness. I’m going a little further every day. But Team Heart are a little behind and we need your help to close the gap. Join #TeamHeart to help us make a difference for patients at the Royal Brompton.’

While our teams didn’t quite make it around the world, they did (virtually) cross continents to support our hospitals, covering an impressive 16,340 miles in total. Team Lungs travelled 9,117 miles making them the winning team.

Whether their team won or not, for many the challenge was an amazing opportunity tocelebrate good health and enjoy some exercise. Dave Webb said:

Well done to all who took part in Heart vs Lungs for Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity. I managed 200.6 miles in 30 days so quite chuffed with myself, I could barely climb stairs before my heart transplant! It was great to raise £565 too.

Our prize-winners for the challenge are as follows:

Group who covered the most ground – Amy’s Angels for Team Lungs - 2,169.6 miles

Individual who covered the most ground – Jaison Ranchhod for Team Lungs 758.3 miles 

Most funds raised – Dave Webb for Team Heart £565

Most unusual way to cover ground – Darren Chamberlain for Team Heart, covering 100s of miles on a range of bicycles some of which are well over 100 years old!

Well done Team Lungs on your victory and well played Team Heart for covering so much ground. Congratulations to all prize winners and to everyone who raised funds for our Next Generation Genetics appeal. Your generosity will make a big difference to patients and their families who are affected by inherited heart and lung disease.