Stories and storytelling have been used throughout time to share learning and knowledge. A good story engages our curiosity, emotions and imagination; helping us make sense of a complex world.

Stories are more memorable and more nuanced than feedback collected through surveys. They can help teams at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals get to know their patients better and make improvements in their delivery of care accordingly.

In 2022, the Patient and Public Engagement Team will be running a series of workshops for people with recent experience of our hospitals. Participants will learn the art of storytelling and a host of digital video making skills to produce their own patient video.

Charlie Churchill participated in this year’s course, sharing his heart story and how teams at Harefield Hospitals were able to help give him his energy back.

If you are interested in taking part next year, please email the Patient and Public Engagement Team on [email protected] and ask for more information on the Listen, Learn Lead digital patient storytelling programme.