Charity superhero Max Glover always goes the extra mile when raising funds for patients at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals. Previous fundraising challenges he has taken on include pulling a car 26.2 miles, carrying a piano up a mountain and walking 100km carrying 100kg, which is 102% of his bodyweight.

Max is a former Royal Marine, fitness instructor, YouTuber and challenge athlete. In 2009 his friend Julie had a lung transplant at Harefield Hospital. Since then, Max has been taking on incredible challenges to raise funds for Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity, raising over £7,000 so far, as well as helping us out with a warm-up video for Heart vs Lungs 2.0 and shout outs on his Instagram.

His latest challenge has been his toughest yet. On Wednesday 25 August, Max set out to pull a 10 tonne truck 2 miles. Max called this task the World’s Toughest Two Miles. We asked Max what inspired him and he said: “A few years ago I did a marathon towing my old car. I really enjoyed this and thought it would be cool to try it with different vehicles.” 

It was a very difficult challenge, not least because when he arrived at Elvington Airfield Max discovered that the truck’s weight was closer to 18 tonnes. However, he had been training hard for this task and was up for it. Max had stopped his regular weightlifting and bodybuilding training to focus on pulling heavy objects. He started with sleds and prowlers at the gym and then moved up to pulling a tyre loaded with weights.

Max said: “The first part was the hardest, with the end feeling so far away, but seeing the end gave me the focus to push forwards. I felt grateful for everyone who had supported me.”

The pull itself was an arduous challenge that required all of Max’s strength, but he completed it. “The track seemed never ending but I eventually got to the end. I felt horrendous at times. My lungs were hurting and my legs felt like jelly. At the end I could not straighten my legs for a few minutes due to the cramps in my quadriceps.”

I am just glad that my ideas and physical efforts can support a charity that helps people. I'm grateful for what the team at Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals do and it's an honour to do these events for them.

Thank you so much Max for all the fundraising and the spectacular challenges you take on. The money you raise makes a big difference to patients at the hospitals.

You can donate to Max’s World’s Toughest Two Miles challenge on JustGiving below: