Chloe Worger is a paediatric physiotherapist at Royal Brompton Hospital. Physiotherapy is vitally important for children with a whole range of lung conditions, from asthma to cystic fibrosis. Chloe is great with children, and they love to be treated by her.

You can see what a typical day for Chloe involves in the video below.

Chloe also did incredible work helping Covid-19 patients with their breathing. During the height of the pandemic, she was redeployed from paediatric physiotherapy so that she could assist Covid-19 patients with their recovery. Many patients were weak after long stays in ITU or had breathing difficulties after being seriously ill. Chloe’s physiotherapy was part of getting their strength back. Chloe said: 

Physiotherapy is an important part of the recovery journey of a patient. An unmissable part actually. Whilst we saw the most severe and critical patients with Covid-19, at Royal Brompton patients really are in the best hands.

Not only does Chloe do brilliant work with children and Covid-19 patients, she is also a tracheostomy specialist. At the height of the pandemic, she advised medical staff on the physiotherapy requirements of patients who had had a tracheostomy.

Chloe said: “We’d have teaching up to twice a day on things like how to wean patients off a tracheostomy tube (placed in a patient’s windpipe). Physio is physically demanding with children, but being presented with a new disease, working with adults and wearing full PPE all day, even more so. It was hard, sweaty, I was exhausted every day but you run on adrenaline.”

Chloe is back working with young patients and doing great work helping them breathe. Now we want to raise the funds so that she can carry on assisting these young people lead happy, healthy lives.

This is why we have launched our Young Patients’ appeal, to raise funds for staff and projects that will enhance the treatment of young patients at the hospitals. This includes Chloe’s remarkable physiotherapy.

We want to say a big thank you to The Hospital Saturday Fund, who have already pledged £2,000 to support Chloe’s work. We also want to thank NHS Charities Together, who funded the redeployment of Chloe from paediatric physiotherapy to treating adult Covid-19 patients.

Chloe’s work is one of several projects to keep Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals at the leading edge of young patient care, which we need your help to raise the funds for. Our NHS colleagues do phenomenal work treating young patients, but they need your generosity to make the hospitals even better.

Find out more about the projects the Young Patients appeal is raising funds for and donate at the link below.