Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity is delighted to have received a further grant of £50,000 from NHS Charities Together. This is through their Second Wave programme and will be used to support staff and patients.

With strict limitations on visitors due to the pandemic, a new Activity Co-ordinator role has been funded for a year to deliver face to face and virtual activities for patients on a one to one basis or in a group. Several inpatients have been admitted for over six months and so the focus will be on improving the experience for those who have long and/or multiple stays.

Ashley Westpfel, Fundraising Director of Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity, said: “We want to say a big thank you to NHS Charities Together and all who have fundraised on their behalf. This patient-facing role will have a real and immediate impact on wellbeing. It will empower patients to do what they want to do and we can’t wait to see where it leads!”

Project Wingman was set up by furloughed airline crew in 75 hospitals throughout the UK. The aim was to recreate the first-class lounge experience to help frontline staff unwind from the stresses of their day. The lounges were tremendously successful at our hospitals and Project Wingman intend to leave a further legacy by transferring the safety and communication expertise, that aviation has developed over many decades, through training our hospital staff. Also funded by the Second Wave grant, this training will improve staff wellbeing and morale as well as patient care and safety.