On Tuesday 5 March, we held our first ever Pancake Race at Harefield Hospital raising over £150. Hospital staff and Charity supporters took to the fields to run the 50m relay all while attempting to flip pancakes. A few hilarious flipping attempts later and the winners were crowned - congratulations the Woodlands/Discharge team!

Our special guests of honor at the Pancake Race were The Worshipful the Mayor of Hillingdon, Councillor John Morgan and the Mayor’s Escort, Pauline Bianco, who both dutifully helped us judge and crown the winners of the races. The Mayor stayed throughout the entire day, judging both the nursery and junior schools as well as the adult races.  

Harefield junior school and the hospital nursery children showed their support by taking part in the race. Winners were excited to be awarded chocolate medals and Harefield Hares by the Mayor himself.

No pancake race would be complete without pancakes to eat and every race participant was treated to a delicious box of warm and fluffy pancakes courtesy of Yolanda and the ISS team.

Thank you to The Mayor, John Morgan, for the excellent judging and a further big thank you to Yolanda and the ISS team for donating the yummy pancakes!