A generous grant of £100,000 from the Kusuma Trust UK has been used to replace the entire fleet of 160 spot check monitors across both hospitals.

Spot check monitors are located at a patient’s bedside and collect precise vital sign measurements, such as blood pressure and oxygen saturation. These measurements can indicate deterioration in a patient and are calculated to produce a national early warning score (NEWS). Previously, staff calculated a patient’s NEWS manually. The new monitors will calculate patient NEWS automatically, which will limit the need for manual inputting and calculation, reduce errors and support quicker clinical interventions.

The grant will future proof developments in patient care at our hospitals. The new monitors have wireless connection and will allow staff to access patient information more efficiently, wherever they are in the hospitals, freeing up time to spend with patients.

Yoseph Mebrate, Technical Support Engineer and Manager, said:

Thanks to the Kusuma Trust and the support of some fantastic donors, we have been able to replace the entire fleet of spot check monitors for both sites, bringing uniformity across every ward. Standardisation is something we promote heavily because of the many advantages, including and above all, patient safety.

Thank you, Kusuma Trust UK, for your ongoing support. This grant has future proofed our hospitals with monitors essential to providing the best possible standard of care.

*photograph taken before the pandemic.