Through the Patients’ Fund, the Charity helps hospital life feel a little more like home life. The fund provides grants for projects submitted by staff that will have a positive impact on patients’ experience at the hospitals.

We have funded projects including information on how we can all help patients sleep better, a trolly of "basic things to make you feel a bit more human whilst in hospital" for transplant patients and infographic wall art for the ITU visitors’ rooms.

Joanne Senior is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Harefield’s Apheresis Unit. She applied to the Patients’ Fund for a television that patients can watch whilst being treated in the Apheresis Unit. Lipoprotein apheresis is similar to renal dialysis but is used to remove cholesterol from the blood stream. It is used for patients with very high cholesterol due to a genetic condition or those who have not received adequate cholesterol lowering from traditional cholesterol lowering medications and who have experience recurrent cardiovascular events.

Joanne said: “We are talking to our patients constantly and trying to distract them during treatment. We asked them what they thought would help to improve their time in the Apheresis unit?” A large screen television was mentioned by several patients.  

Patients attend for apheresis treatment fortnightly or weekly and are well known to the staff. The procedure takes 2 – 3 hours and involves having two cannula inserted (often one in each arm) which means they are unable to move for the duration of treatment. Joanne applied for a TV so that the patients could be entertained whilst receiving their apheresis treatment.

Joanne said that the TV “brings us all together” and that staff can connect with the patients whilst watching a programme that interests the patient. For example, one patient enjoys quizzes and staff like to participate in the quiz whilst watching with him.

“Patients cannot move when they’re receiving treatment due to having a cannula in each arm. The TV is a brilliant addition. Everyone loves it,” Joanne said. She added: “It’s definitely had a big impact.”

If you want to find out more or donate to the Patients’ Fund, to help with the small things that make hospital life better for patients, then visit the Patients’ Fund page: