Heart vs Lungs is back and this year we are going around the world

This September, Team Heart and Team Lungs will be limbering up for a third round of our successful virtual fundraising challenge. This year we are planning on going from Harefield Hospital to Royal Brompton Hospital, the long way round.

Join the race

To get involved sign up below, then choose either Team Heart or Team Lungs and we’ll send you everything you need to join the race. Then when the starting pistol is fired on Sunday 4 September you will have 30 days to cover as much ground as you can for your team.

All the distance you go will be added to your team’s total, whether you’re popping to the shops or running a marathon, every inch covered will help take your team around the world.

The competition will end when one team makes it around the world or on Monday 3 October, whichever happens first. Last year it was a closely fort race, so your team will need you to help them win this year.

Cover ground. Save lives

This year Heart vs Lungs will be raising funds for the Next Generation Genetics appeal. This appeal will provide the hospitals’ genetics and genomics team with the latest sequencing technology, which will allow the hospitals to test many more patients for inherited heart and lung conditions and save lives by helping these patients get the interventions they need sooner.

This will be the third year of Heart vs Lungs. In 2020 the teams made it across Europe. Last year they both covered the distance from Harefield Hospital to Sydney, Australia. This year we’re going around the world.

From the Fun Run to around the world

Heart vs Lungs: Around the World in 30 Days will kick off at the Harefield Fun Run and Family Day on Sunday 4 September. If you want to participate in both events there are discounted tickets available.

You can find out more about Heart vs Lungs: Around the World in 30 Days and get tickets below. Remember: Who will be the first to make it around the world? It’s up to you!