As we look back at 2020 we wanted to say a big thank you to all our supporters who gave generously last year to help our hard working NHS colleagues.

2020 was a very challenging year, but your donations let our NHS colleagues know that they weren’t alone whilst they were on the front line of the response to the pandemic. You were supporting them all the way.

Your donations meant that we were able to support our two amazing hospitals, their staff and patients by helping in any way we can. Last year, because of your generosity, we provided the following:

  • 20 Ventilators
  • 3 ECMO machines to treat the most ill Covid-19 patients
  • £100,000 to Patients’ Fund
  • 8 Hand held ultrasound scanners
  • 2 Sleep Pods for staff to use for a break in a busy shift
  • Food and gifts in kind for staff
  • Physiotherapist
  • Covid-19 researcher
  • ECMO portable monitor
  • 2 Catheter laboratory scanners
  • Harefield Hospital Covid-19 testing centre
  • Flow cytometer
  • Anaesthesia monitors
  • Smart scrubs
  • iPads and laptops
  • 3D Camera
  • £500,000 to research
  • The Arts Team
  • Staff welfare

From everyone at the charity, we wish you all a safe and peaceful 2021. Thank you for your generosity in 2020.