At one week in, Vaishali Kale, a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Harefield Hospital talks about how Harefield Hospital is changing in order to help combat the Covid-19 virus. 

The past couple of weeks have presented challenges for all; with businesses having to adapt to a new way of remote working to schools now implementing home learning. But nothing comes into comparison to the challenges the NHS is currently facing. With increasing pressures being put on the UK’s Hospitals and Intensive Care Units, new challenges and changes are being implemented to a help alleviate the growing pressure during this pandemic whilst having to help save lives.

“So today was my first day in an Intensive Care Unit after nearly 11 years. This was an expected change that came in as a part of the Government's, as well as Royal College of Nursing (RCN), plan of redeployment of many experienced critical care nurses to ease a little bit of pressure on England's Intensive Care Units. 

There is lots happening in every single hospital up and down the country and it is my genuine request to all of you, wherever you are, if you can, please stay at home. Please avoid going out unless you are front line workers or one of those who plays vital roles in keeping our health care systems flowing. There are many of us, from the catering staff who are feeding us all during day, and the night shift so that we can work efficiently. From the cleaning staff who are keeping the hospital absolutely spotless, so that infections are reduced, supply staff to keep our stocks full so that we are prepared and protected; and of course our friends in IT department who are our lifeline at the moment, helping us to set up everything needed from new PC's, multiple program access, getting quick logins to ICU systems so that we can care for patients. The list is endless!! 

The pressure on NHS is overwhelming and only those who have seen it or experienced it can tell; even I am speechless. 

So, please just one more time, my request to everyone, please stay at home, take care of yourself, so that I can be safe for my family and friends.”

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