In the last financial year, 198 heart transplants were performed across the UK, 33 of which were performed at Harefield.

The number of lung transplants performed was 214, of which 64 were performed at Harefield.

But sadly, three people still die every day in need of an organ transplant and the number of patients waiting fora transplant is increasing. A member of Transplant Coordination Team at Harefield explains:

"Without organ donation, we would not be able to transform the lives of our patients with end stage heart and lung disease. Sadly, despite an increase in the number of transplants within the UK; the number of patients waiting for transplant is increasing. Many people believe that all you need to do to show you want to be a donor is to join the NHS Organ Donor Register or carry a donor card. 

However, if you die in circumstances where you could become an organ donor your family would be approached by specialist nurses and asked to support your decision to donate.  

If you die without registering to donate your organs, specialist nurses in donation would need to ask your next of kin to make the decision for you.  It can be a big burden for families to make such an important decision at such a difficult time.

Less than half of families approached about donation agree to donate a relative’s organs if they are unaware of their relative’s decision to be a donor.  

When a family says no to donation, someone waiting for a transplant may miss out on their only opportunity for a transplant which could save their life. 24.9 million people have signed up and shared their decision and you can help support donation by talking to your family/friend about organ donation and assist in giving the most precious gift of life."

To read more about Organ Donation click here. Find out how you can support the life-saving work of our hospitals with our Harefield Transplant Appeal.