Christmas 2020 was like no other, many people weren’t able to spend any time with their loved ones during the festive period. Our virtual Christmas tree gave so many of you the opportunity to send a message to your friends and family as well as letting the staff at our hospitals know you were thinking of them. 

The virtual Christmas tree was hosted by and allowed many of you to add a star, bauble or light along with a message for someone you are thinking of. Together we managed to raise an incredible £1,105 for both our hospitals.

Many of the messages left were from patients, or the families of patients, telling staff they were thinking of them at Christmas. Sabrina wrote: “For all the Brompton staff who keep the lights twinkling, thank you, from me and my brother Sam, who you have helped since the day he was born”.

Adrian and Susannah Webster left a message on their bauble saying: “With infinite thanks to the Royal Brompton paediatric and adult cardiac surgery and cardiology teams for miraculous treatment of our beloved grandson Nino, and more than two decades of care for his Grandpa. Our warmest wishes for Christmas and 2021”

Some of the messages were in memory of family members sadly lost. Melanie Cahill and family wrote: “In loving memory of our dear dad/grandad Paddy Greene, thank you Harefield for the amazing care you gave to Paddy, we love and miss you always dad”.

“Heartfelt thanks for all the care and kindness from your wonderful staff. In memory of my darling husband Paddy” Josie said.

Some of the messages were to family members. Nic J wrote: “Thank you to my wonderful wife, Miriam for looking after me through twenty years of heart failure, VAD and transplant. You have helped me through those difficult times and had to look on, when things have been bad.”

All were heart felt messages of love and thanks at Christmas time. Steve Haynes wrote:

Never forget how wonderful the care and treatment you give is to us patients and our families. Thank you for the extended life my new valve will bring.

All of us at Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity want to say thank you to everyone who helped light up our tree. We hope that you had a lovely Christmas.


We hope that in despite of the many challenges we faced during the festive period that you managed to have a safe and lovely one.