To kick off Organ Donation Week, we're sharing Will's story. Will was just 17 when he contracted a virus that attacked his heart and resulted in end-stage heart failure. Eight open-heart surgeries, one artificial heart and one heart transplant later, Will, now 25, shares why organ donation is so important.

I'm just shy of six years post heart transplant and doing really well. I'm currently working at a production company in London and beginning to direct and produce my own videos.

Healthwise, I'm feeling great - I go to the gym regularly and try to stay active in general. It's very important to me to make the most of this second chance I've been given. I'm aware of how lucky I am!

Organ donation is the most immeasurably generous and selfless action anyone can take.

I was bedbound for 200 days, and for much of that, I was unable to move, speak, eat, drink or even breathe for myself.

No-one should have to live like that, especially when the possibility is there for a transplant - it's just up to ordinary people to make that decision to save a life.

It's within anyone's power to make that difference, and it's a great feeling, to know that you could one day be saving a life.

Not only has my donor saved my life, and many others, but they spared my family the grief of losing a son, a brother, a grandson. 

Also, I know that the donor's family is also comforted by the fact that their loved one's death was not entirely in vain.

I now have a girlfriend - we've been together for two years, and we would never have met if I hadn't had a transplant.

Harefield's Transplant Team saved Will's life. You can help them save many more by supporting our Transplant Appeal. We're funding Organ Care Systems - used during Will's transplant and now all heart transplants at Harefield - to allow donated hearts to come from further away and arrive in better condition. Read more here.