With football fever soon to sweep the nation, what better way to get involved than to raise money for charity? 

We've created our World Cup Sweepstake Kit which contains all you need to get your office or group of friends up and running. All you need to do is download and print the kit, cut out each team and place them into a hat and note down who picks each team. 

Set your stake, it can be anything from 50p to £50, agree the prizes for the winning teams, this could be half of the stake, with the other half being donated, or an alternative prize, such as a bottle of wine, and you're ready to go!

For example, if you have 32 people in your office, and the stake is £5 per team, that's £160 overall, half goes towards Charity, that leaves £80 for the winners - £50 to the winner, £20 for second place and £10 for third. 

If you're playing among a smaller group of people, you could pick two or more teams to ensure all are taken, or you could assign the remaining teams to RBH Charity! 

Once the tournament comes to an end, you can donate by going to the Patients' Fund appeal page or by calling into the Hub at Harefield or Royal Brompton. We're so grateful for every penny raised. 

We'll be giving out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to the teams that raise the most money for our Charity to say thank you!

Everything you raise will go directly towards the Patients' Fund - from iPads to privacy screens and soothing live music, this essential fund helps make patient life that little bit more like normal life.

So, even if England let you down this year, you can still come away from the World Cup a winner and knowing that you helped a worthy cause just by watching some football!  

Good luck!