This is Nicola Jeffery, with her fiancé, Chris

Royal Brompton Hospital has been part of Nicola’s life since she was just two years old, when she was diagnosed with an abnormal heart rhythm and was referred to our hospital. Doctors found she had left atrial isomerism – a hole in her heart – and that her heart was wired wrongly.

At seven years old, Nicola had an operation that had never been performed at Royal Brompton before. She made a full recovery and says “the care was outstanding”.

Fast forward 18 years to when Nicola was 25 and unfortunately suffered an atrial fibrillation, which caused her to have a stroke. Royal Brompton came to the rescue again. Surgeons performed two operations and are now looking into the cause of Nicola’s condition.

She says: “Dr Gatzoulis and Dr Ernst have been fantastic.  They are currently investigating my heart; apparently I have a moderately leaky valve. I will require surgery at some point to fix this, which they are very hopeful I will make a good recovery from.

I don't know what I would have done without the care and commitment from Royal Brompton Hospital.  Its staff have kept me alive and I am so grateful to them.”