Back in September 2017, we launched our 3D Heart Surgery Appeal, an appeal designed to raise funds towards a 3D medical camera system called Einstein Vision. 

Our 3D Heart Surgery Appeal was launched with the aim of bringing heart surgery into the 21st Century, using equipment to make operations safer and quicker for hundreds of patients at Harefield Hospital.

We needed your help in raising £70,000 to buy a 3D medical camera (or ‘endoscopic’) system called Einstein Vision. The name is appropriate, as its function is ingenious – it will help to make heart procedures simpler, safer and swifter for around 100 patients each year.

How does it work?

The technology uses state-of-the-art optical, electronic and mechanical technologies to give best-in-class 3D-HD image quality on a screen next to where the patient is being operated on. Surgeons say that it offers them superior 3D-depth perception and is a more comfortable way of performing this intricate type of procedure, which makes it quicker and safer. This means patients do not have to undergo open heart surgery, which in turn means they can get back to normal life far sooner. 

Before our appeal, surgeons were having to loan this equipment but we wanted to buy Harefield its own system, so that patients can permanently benefit.

Consultant Surgeon Toufan Bahrami explains the need for this state-of-the-art equipment:

"We do more of these endoscopic procedures than any other hospital in the UK, but the Einstein Vision will make it quicker and safer, which means the patient can return home far sooner. We have to move towards more high-tech solutions and we hope that with technology like the Einstein Vision, this alternative to open heart surgery will become more available." 

Thank you for helping us make this happen