What better day to commit to a new challenge than the first day of Spring.  I am very pleased with myself – I have signed up for the Brighton to Brompton Virtual Charity Challenge – (and, by the way it was the easiest of processes!) 

Why have I done this? Well, I love walking, so if I am honest, it’s not going to be that hard a challenge for me. I can walk to and from work and I am a keen member of a walking group during the weekends. I am pretty confident I will have completed this challenge in less than four weeks. 

So the real reason why I have signed up is because I don’t have cystic fibrosis. So I feel I want to walk to do something which will help the people who do. 93 miles is the distance some of Royal Brompton’s patients have to travel to come for regular care and treatment at the hospital. They have to take annual leave, find childcare, leave their studies, or break into holidays. It costs money and time – and this is a lifelong condition – and a life limiting one too. 

But our campaign is going to make a huge difference to our patients at Royal Brompton. Thanks to innovative technology, people with cystic fibrosis will be able to monitor their lung function, their blood, and other vital signs of health without making this journey – in some cases 93 miles – hence the challenge. Results of the tests they undertake at home will be instantly uploaded here at Royal Brompton and their specialists can see what needs to happen next.  Hopefully a visit won’t be necessary and again, using Skype, consultations can be undertaken with people staying at home, or on holiday or at college. But if they do need to come in then the journey is necessary.  How frustrating it must be to make this journey – often exhausting if you have cystic fibrosis, expensive and time consuming if it is not necessary. If my walk helps someone make their life that little bit easier, then that’s brilliant – and all I’ve done, is go for some walks. 

I will get sponsorship too – after all – we all walk. Will you sponsor me - £25 will pay for someone with cystic fibrosis to use a spirometer for one month?  And I will put my best foot forward. On my sponsorship page I have written about a very special person I met with cystic fibrosis called Jack – take a look at my page here to read a bit more.