As a fundraiser, I have had thousands of messages which have come to me over the years as to why people are donating.  I have been around so long now, that I remember the heartfelt cards and memories which came to me when I worked for The National Trust at the time of our centenary in 1995.  And again, a celebration of landscape, beauty and conservation in the millennium - and many more anniversaries over the years.  

But nothing has prepared me for what has come through to my Charity over the past five weeks.  Hundreds of donations of every possible size from £10 to tens of thousands of pounds.  And nearly all of them come with a message - a deep love and admiration for the NHS and for the staff who are working tirelessly to save lives - day and night, 12-hour shifts - the personal protection gear is hot and uncomfortable and in amongst all the good news when patients get better and are sent home again, there are, of course, times when the outcome is not happy.  

These are ordinary people just like you and me, but they are doing an extraordinary job.  My nephew is in the army - if you join the army, you know that at times your life may be put in danger.  If you join as a nurse or a doctor, you think you are there to use your skills, experience and knowledge to make people better... but did our nurses and doctors - and care workers in the community and in care homes ever know they would be putting themselves in danger by doing their job?  

I think about them all the time - I send them my love and my thanks.  And I join with the hundreds of thousands of people who have found a way to say thank you - by giving to the Charities, like my Charity, which is supporting them.  

So, to those of you who are reading this and who have supported our Charity - thank you.  We have bought ventilators, handheld ultrasounds, and counselling programmes for people on the front line.  We have paid for vital bedside research so our clinicians on the front line can learn about the disease and pass on information to other hospitals.  We have helped staff in a myriad of ways - you have helped them and I know you will continue to be there for them - not just on Thursday nights but in your thoughts and prayers all the time.  

Please be part of the movement and support our Covid-19 Emergency Appeal.

Thank you.