I wonder how you felt, if and when, you took part in the clapping for the NHS on Thursday night. In my quiet street in Cirencester, where very little happens (as my children always complained throughout their teenage years), suddenly the place was alive. If we could have gone up and hugged each other, we would have done - the warmth and sense of togetherness was almost tangible.

As it was, we stood in our doorways, or came out into the middle of the road, keeping our distance from each other and clapped or banged saucepans... and I expect you experienced the same thing.   

Just what has brought us together like this? No matter what we hear on the news - bits of sniping here and there about equipment and testing, and of course the very sad news about the growing number of tragedies. But through it all, our colleagues are putting on their PPE and going in to treat and save our most poorly patients. Quite frankly, it's overwhelming. The reason why we hear so many NHS staff talking about how they want to be tested is not that they want to know if they have got it, or if they have had it, but because they want to get back to work... notwithstanding that is a potentially dangerous place to be.

The other happening which is taking my breath away is the gifts we are getting to support our frontline staff at Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals. Thank you so much to everyone that has donated - not just individuals but also; companies, clubs, hotels, restaurants, schools, the list is endless. Each is wanting to be part of a movement that goes wider than just the hospital wards but reaches out to the families supporting the frontline staff. To behind the scenes colleagues who are just as important as the clinicians - the porters, the caterers, the cleaners and many more.

The Charity team are working from home, but we have been working incredibly hard - from setting up new website pages to programming new finance systems and setting up complicated logistics to ensure the wonderful gifts get to the right people at the right time... I am very proud of my team.

Please do join us by supporting our emergency appeal. Money has already come in - thank you if you have given. And money has swiftly gone out again, buying things like portable ultrasound machines. If you give, your donation will go straight to help our wonderful nurses, doctors and their support staff treat more people and send them home again.

Please be part of the movement and support our Covid-19 Emergency Appeal.

Thank you.