Happy New Year to all of you reading this. 

We had a bit of a break over Christmas, but I know our NHS colleagues didn’t and I am sure, like me, you have been thinking of them every day. And this time, the pandemic spike feels very different. It was frightening last March and we have only had brief respites from the virus in the last 10 months.  

Many of you reading this will be former patients – or even current patients. Some of you will be friends and families of patients. I know there will be anxiety and even fear at what is happening. Not being medical, I and my Charity colleagues are staying away from the hospitals at this time. That makes sense but I still want my friends and colleagues to know that just because we are not there, does not mean we are not with them in spirit. The Charity has given more funds to help with this latest surge; money which you may well have given to the Charity and I thank you very much. People have been so generous, perhaps via the Big Give, perhaps coming to our Carol Concert (which was lovely) or perhaps just giving a donation online 

The Charity team is looking to help our colleagues by providing soft drinks to be delivered to the hospitals. Wearing heavy PPE for hours on end can make our nurses and doctors very thirsty so we are hoping we can help in this way.  

You will be hearing more from the Charity about how to support our NHS colleagues – not just those on the front line but everyone who is working so hard in the hospitals right now, caterers, porters, receptionists and many others – all part of the team which is treating and caring for our very sick patients.  

And our patients are getting wonderful care so I know you will join me in saying we are thinking of them – doing our own clapping – sending them our love at this difficult time.