Today restores my faith in humanity. Today we have received donations small, large and very large to support our emergency appeal to help our hospitals treat patients suffering with the Covid-19 virus.                 

Some donations are anonymous, some are from people we have never heard of, and some are pledged and are now scrambling their systems to get the money together. All want to be part of the mission to support our amazing NHS colleagues as they work long, long shifts in dangerous circumstances, but they will not stop. 

Read the tweets, look at the messages, people are coming together to fight this dreadful virus. And the Charity team are buzzing - they know that by working hard, they will be playing their part.  

Our emergency appeal is on our website at - please support it - give what you can. Of course, we have all heard that the government will support our hospitals through this crisis, but if you are working at the sharpest of places, words like process and waiting don't mean much. 

So, when our Charity announced that it was launching an emergency fund, we immediately started to get requests for equipment, like portable ultrasound machines, which are needed now - and we are pleased to step in and buy them.  

If you have given to our emergency appeal, you are beyond amazing – thank you.