When Simon was 14, he was diagnosed with aortic regurgitation. This didn’t stop him being very active: he played a lot of sport, went to the gym and lifted weights. 

Then in his thirties, Simon’s condition deteriorated and he could no longer be physically active. Even walking and talking became difficult for him. 

Simon’s GP sent him to Royal Brompton Hospital and in February of this year he had aortic valve replacement surgery at Royal Brompton Hospital. 

Now he’s back on his feet and back in the gym. 

You can watch Simon tell his story below: 


Right now, we’re raising money to buy new imaging equipment for Royal Brompton’s cath labs to help our hard-working NHS staff perform more procedures like the one that gave Simon his strength back. 


Please visit our Life in Focus appeal to make a donation and help more people like Simon get back on their feet. 


Thanks to Simon for sharing his heart story.