Help our clinical staff navigate even the tiniest hearts

We need your help to raise £500,000 to buy the latest imaging equipment for Royal Brompton Hospital. A brand-new state-of-the-art scanner will provide our staff with more detailed images of patients so that they can perform more complex procedures.

What is a Biplane Imager?

Royal Brompton’s Catheter Laboratory 2 urgently needs upgrading to the latest Biplane Imager. The hospital is reliant on the Charity’s funding for this upgrade.

From newborn babies up to adults, the new imager will bring our patient’s life into focus by allowing clinical staff to make a 3D reconstruction of a patient so that they can navigate even the tiniest hearts.

The new scanner will use less dye, which is better for young patients whose kidneys are more prone to damage from contrast agents.

Baby Leo's story

Leo was prematurely born at only 24 weeks, weighing 710 grams. He was born with a heart condition called patent ductus arteriosus. As a result, it was harder for him to breathe without the ventilator. Leo was also struggling to gain weight as most of his energy was spent trying to breathe.

Unfortunately, after unsuccessful treatment, doctors made a decision to send Leo for PDA surgery at Royal Brompton's Cath Lab 2. At the time of surgery, he weighed only 800 grams. The surgery was a success - a big step in Leo's recovery.

Leos' Mum said, "We struggle to put in words how extremely worrying and stressful this time was for us and our family when we didn’t know if Leo would survive." Leo came home just before Christmas, "It was the best Christmas present we could have ever received."

With your support, patients just like Leo will benefit from the upgrade of Cath Lab 2.

Can you help?

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Will you be a part of this special ambition?

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