In 2017, we raised £65,000 to create a better environment for parents of critically ill children on Royal Brompton's Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

In order to create a more welcoming area in Royal Brompton Hospital’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), which helps around 500 children each year, the charity renovated the main reception area, commonly known as the 'hub'. 

Children on the wards often have little conscious awareness of their situation, but for their parents, time spent on PICU can be very frightening. Despite staff receiving endless praise for their excellent care, communication and compassion, the hub was described as “unwelcoming” and “difficult to navigate”.

The poor design, which had high walls, often masked the face of the member of staff behind it - leaving parents unsure about where to go, and who to approach. It also left no privacy for staff to discuss individual patients and their needs. 



The new design will replace the current confusing layout. It will provide a far more open and accessible space for parents, allowing them to immediately see a friendly professional staff member, ready to help, and give staff much-needed privacy to discuss delicate matters. This will make a huge difference to families coming onto the unit and will help their experience to be a little less daunting.

Suzy Newman, whose son Joshua was cared for on PICU as a baby, said:

The staff on PICU saved Joshua. He is doing so well thanks to their care and compassion. I just wish the physical space had been more welcoming when I first arrived. The poor design doesn’t match up with the amazing care! Transforming the space will help make a very stressful situation that little bit more bearable.

Thank you for helping us make this happen