Our hardworking NHS staff at Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals receive a very special message of support from Baroness Boothroyd

"I have been in isolation for six weeks. I live alone in a house remotely situated in a small village. The rabbits think I'm potty standing alone on the front steps in the dusk, so I pay my personal tribute to the NHS by doing a tap dance on the kitchen floor.

But for Royal Brompton, which has cared for me for 20 years, I wouldn't be here, let alone capable of doing a jig. So I do a few tap routines I learned as a girl, paying my tribute to all those in the NHS and care services, whatever might be their department. I send jumbo thanks from a big fan. Thank you for your steadfastness and devotion to duty. You are like a bright star shining out over a dark, frightening sky, giving us hope for a future. Keep shining and smiling and mind how you go”

The message resonated with our online community, encouraging others to share their own messages of appreciation for both Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals teams, and for the Baroness herself.

"I can only agree with everything Baroness Boothroyd has said above, because Brompton and Harefield do the most amazing and wonderful work. I am extremely disappointed not be doing my fundraising venture on the Camino de Santiago for Harefield’s Transplant Unit this year as they have done so much for somebody close to me - but rest assured I WILL be walking on the Camino for this cause next year full of humility and gratitude"
"Your words are so true saved my grandson xxxx"
"Lovely words.... I have always liked her"
"Keep dancing Baroness, thanks for sharing"
"I just love this lady. The best Speaker of the House we ever had. And the kindest lady"
"Baroness Boothroyd thank you for your message.❤️"

Thank you, Baroness, for your heartwarming message. You've inspired our whole community.

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