We desperately need to raise £150,000 to improve dialysis for some of the sickest Harefield patients 

Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity has launched a new appeal to help the most critically ill patients at Harefield Hospital.

Our Harefield Haemodialysis appeal will buy new dialysis equipment for two wards at Harefield, where acutely ill patients are cared for. The present system of hemofiltration takes up to 12 hours and is undertaken overnight. The new machines will cut the treatment time down to four hours and will allow dialysis to be delivered during the day.

The current machines produce noise, which can be disruptive to a patient’s sleep. A nurse must also be present for the duration of the treatment, taking them away from other duties. This new equipment will allow dialysis to be delivered as quickly and effectively as possible, so that patients can get better rest. Better rest means that they will be able to recover quicker and return home sooner.

Harefield critical care matron Ciara said:

Patients often spend 12 hours connected to the machine overnight. A new haemodialysis service will allow us to deliver the same therapy over a shorter time, allowing patients to rest overnight. This will lead to better quality sleep and more time for rehab and physio during the day. 

We urgently need £150,000 to purchase six haemodialysis machines for two wards at Harefield. Funds raised at the 10th Annual Shaken Stevens Golf Day are going towards this appeal, as will all proceeds from the forthcoming 40th Annual Harefield Fun Run and Family Day, but we need more funds to achieve our goal of providing these six new dialysis machines for Harefield patients. 

By donating or fundraising for this appeal, you’ll be helping over 150 Harefield patients who need haemodialysis each year and you will help save over 75 days of valuable nursing care time.

To find out more about this appeal and to donate, visit the Harefield Haemodialysis appeal page.