The Gerald and Gail Ronson Family Foundation have generously donated £50,000 for ventilators to support those most critically affected by Covid-19.

Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals have experienced increased admissions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While our specialist heart and lung teams are well-positioned to treat those most critically affected by the disease, they require more equipment to support their work.

Ventilators are pumps that control oxygen and airflow from a patients lungs, supporting the breathing process when disease has caused the lungs to fail. For severe cases of Covid-19, a ventilator will give a patient time to fight the disease and access to one can be a matter of survival.

The Gerald and Gail Ronson Family Foundation's donation of £50,000 has allowed for the timely purchase of four high spec ventilators which would fall outside of NHS funding. These pieces of equipment are vital now but will be just as crucial in our Adult and Paediatric Intensive Care Units when the crisis subsides.

Please be part of the movement and support our Covid-19 Emergency Appeal.