In 2016, we contributed towards a £100,000 makeover of the playroom on Rose Ward

The refurbished facility offers a modern sensory play area to support children’s development, which includes a flashing lightbox, infinity tunnel, bubble tube and interactive games.

Another section of the playroom is aimed specifically at older children, with a large TV, PlayStation and DVDs designed to make teenagers feel more at home.

A new 'hub' through a sliding glass door means two children with cystic fibrosis (CF) can now play in the room at the same time, with one in the hub and the other in the main part of the playroom. Previously, only one child with CF could be inside the playroom at one time because of the risk of cross infection.

The hub has its own source of ventilation, which reduces the number of germs in the air, allowing children with CF to play safely without feeling isolated. 

Rabie Al-Aina’s four-year-old son Omar is a patient on the ward.

The playroom has been refurbished really nicely and the colours and decorations are beautiful. We are due to go home soon but Omar doesn’t want to leave – he’s very happy playing here.

Maxine Ovens, play service manager, says:

What we’ve achieved is amazing and we are so thankful for the donations that made the refurbishment possible.

The Brompton Fountain and other supporters of Rose Ward also generously contributed towards this project, helping to make it possible. 

Thank you for helping us to make this happen