We’re raising £500,000 to support the redevelopment of Cath Lab 5 at Harefield Hospital

The redevelopment of Cath Lab 5 will create a space where staff can perform all types of minimally invasive cardiac procedures to maintain the high demand, housed with the latest equipment.

At the moment, each catheter laboratory (cath lab) is used for specific procedures but this will be an ‘everything’ lab to support the 5,500 patients treated in Harefield's cath labs each year. 

What is a cath lab?

Procedures that take place in a cath lab include angiograms, angioplasty, ablation and the implantation of pacemakers. A cath lab is different from an operating theatre, where you would have surgery under a general anaesthetic whereas in a cath lab you would usually be awake. 

Angioplasty or coronary angioplasty is sometimes used as an emergency treatment for patients who have had heart attacks; the redevelopment of Cath Lab 5 is especially important as Harefield has a heart attack catchment area of 2 million people. 

Where will your money go?

The funds we raise will buy much-needed cardiovascular imaging equipment, that isn’t covered by NHS funding. Not only will this keep Harefield at the forefront of the latest imaging technology, but the equipment will utilise a radiation dose tracking system to lower the radiation dosages for patients as well as staff.

We can make a difference to thousands of patients each year and the incredible staff that treat them.

At the moment, Cath Lab 5 is the oldest cath lab at Harefield. With your support, we can transform the space where life-saving procedures happen every day. Will you help us?

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