Corporate sponsorship and support is invaluable to us

When a company sponsors an event, it means that every penny raised by our fantastic fundraisers and donors can go directly to our hospitals. When a company decides to hold a fundraiser of their own for us, it means that not only do our hospitals receive significant funds, but our cause reaches a whole new audience. When a company decides to match the sponsorship of one of its employees who is running a marathon for us for example, it means that the determination and effort made by that employee is worth double to our hospitals.

Support from corporate partners with Charity of the Year agreements, gifts in kind, donations, discounts, and sponsorships, have supported some of our biggest projects to date.

If you think your company might be interested in fundraising or sponsorship opportunities with our Charity, we would love to hear from you

You can download our corporate sponsorship pack here. Or, if you feel you need some inspiration first, read on to find out how our existing corporate sponsors have helped us in recent years.

Hitachi Capital

Hitachi Capital has been one of our strongest corporate partners, ever since one of its employees, Vanessa Bradley, received a new heart and set of lungs at Harefield Hospital.

In recent years, a group of their employees have cycled from Staines to Brussels for our hospitals, sponsored a table at our Harefield Hospital Centenary Summer Ball, and taken to the saddle again for a London to Amsterdam bike ride.

Most recently, Hitachi generously sponsored our first ever Grand Canal Challenge a run, walk, jog or cycle ride down the Grand Union Canal linking our two hospitals.

Grand Canal Challenge 2016

We are extremely lucky to have many corporate partners. We would like to say a huge thank you to them for their continued and invaluable support